The Art of Hand-Lettering with Stefan Kunz

Hand lettering has become an increasingly popular art form and these creative lettering styles are almost everywhere – whether it’s the logo of your favorite coffee shop, burger restaurants’ chalkboards, the stationery or adverts and wall art, to name just a few.

Lettering is still often confused with calligraphy, which is definitely where hand-lettering originated from; the art of lettering, however, is essentially drawing all kinds of letters, beautifully rearrange typography broken down into its shapes, embellishments and all kinds of different textures, depending on which materials are being used. It has become an independent art form and every piece of lettering is an expression of emotions, often with a deeper meaning — delivering happiness and joy with a touch of nostalgia.

More: Stefan Kunz, Instagram h/t: lebuzz

Whether you are working with pen and paper or are using a tablet and one of the many illustrating apps; the variations are endless and there are certainly no boundaries to your creativity. Hand lettering can definitely be a daunting task, as it takes a steady hand and a lot of practice. This art form has created a whole community especially through social media, where many creative talents share their stunning artworks. We want to highlight one of those aspiring artists who goes by the name of Stefan Kunz.

Based in Switzerland, Stefan Kunz posts examples of hand-lettering every day and is very interactive with his followers. Drawing words has always fascinated him and he loves to use this art to make reading interesting again and to grab people’s attention.

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