This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant In All His Pics And It’s Hilarious – Design You Trust

This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant In All His Pics And It’s Hilarious


Photographers can have a hard time of capturing their subjects perfectly. Waiting for the right moment can make them anxious, and any slip up could ruin everything.


But for Christopher Cline, he never has to worry about his images being ruined. He recently moved from Virginia to Minnesota, but the move wasn’t enough to raise his spirits Christoper was slowly sliding into a state of depression, and he didn’t know what to do.


That was until his girlfriend got him Juji.


Christopher wasn’t very keen on getting a dog, but ever since the goldendoodle entered his life, he’s had nothing but inspiration.


In fact, Juji becomes the very subject of his own photo book that puts Christopher’s skills to the test.


And he’s feeling a lot better for having created it too.


He wanted to have a children’s feel for his book and decided to photo-manipulate Juji into a giant dog.


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