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Casa Rex wins award at HOW Poster Design Awards 2011

Casa Rex, one of Brazil’s most creative and renowned agencies, has won an award at the HOW Poster Design Awards 2011. The poster ‘The Occupied Space’ has been chosen as one of the top 10 winners, out of almost 800 entries.

In order to advertise an exhibition promoted by Escola Viva whereby students and teachers were invited to arrive at the school, walk around and ‘occupy’ the diverse spaces within the school environment, Casa Rex has made bold use of the “empty” white space, using text that is scattered across the poster in random directions. “We invert what is traditionally seen as the correct occupied space in a poster”, jokes Gustavo Piqueira, creative director and head of the agency.

This is the 6th time that Casa Rex has earned an award by HOW magazine, which showcases the best in design from around the world. Earlier this year the HOW International Design Awards went to the packaging design developed for the Dixie Toga Holographic Collection of Empty Packs, as well as the graphic design for the book “Writings about Jade” (Ateliê Editorial); in 2010 the covers created for the “Saraiva Classics” book collection (Edições Jogo de Amarelinha) and also the graphic project for the “Cool Readings” collection (Ed. Biruta) were selected; and in 2008 the award was given for the the Paideia book collection covers (Ed. Martins Fontes).

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