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Animal Portraits in The Style of Old Masters by Tein Lucasson

What would an animal look like if it were a human? The question is actually a contradiction in terms, and Tein Lucasson’s answer is as humorous as it is creative. With digital photo technology, he combines pet portraits with human poses, celebrating each animal’s unique personality, while drawing on his passion for costume and art history.

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From Marty Moo the cow to Greg the bulldog, Tein Lucasson’s anthropomorphic art transforms pets around the world into aristocrats of bygone eras. Sometimes sporting ruffs, sometimes wearing war medals, cats, cockatoos, and chihuahuas form a happy menagerie of courtiers that are more than happy to pose for portraits and be immortalised on canvas. Tein’s L’Animorph project began in his Amsterdam studio by profiling his own beloved labradoodle Ventje. Since then, he has painted pets from Marseille to Melbourne in his unique style.

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