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Artist Makes a Unique Ceramic Sets with a Love of Nature

“Amanita-inspired teacups and saucers for a fairy tea party”

According to Miss Wondersmith: “I made all of these vessels and tea sets out of clay because I wanted to honor my love of nature in a way that was both beautiful and functional.

Due to my severe chronic illness, I did most of the sculpting from my bed. Since I just sculpt with my hands and a few simple tools, I’m a really tidy worker. Each set took me weeks to complete since I absolutely love including lots of detail. I wonder, what should I make next?

Rather than offering these for sale, I plan to live out one of my biggest dreams in life: to put some real-life treasure out into the world! Can you guess which sets I plan on hiding?”

More: Miss Wondersmith, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

“I love the serenity of this sea urchin-inspired tea set”

“What do you think of these mussel shell pasta plates with barnacles on the backs? I fired them an extra time to make them iridescent”

“Hope you like bees – this set has giant honeybees as the teacup handles”

“I love this giant snail teapot and the matching cups”

“Rose petal plates”

“Poppy seedheads inspired this tea set. The cup lids come off and act as little plates for treats”

“Teacups inspired by embers”

“I had to make two snail tea sets because I just couldn’t decide which colors I wanted to glaze them”

“Barnacle cups”

“Strawberries remind me of the shape of ancient vessels called “Amphorae” so of course I had to make my own strange version of this ancient ceramic shape”

“I made two sea urchin tea sets because I couldn’t pick between green or purple.”

“These colorful chalices were inspired by monarch butterflies about to hatch from their chrysalises”

“These four elements dragon cups were really fun to sculpt! They are glazed in a black glaze with lots of sparkles”

“I made these cups inspired by fossils, with a base of real fossilized sea urchin spines”

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