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Famous Classic Album Covers Mashed Up With Star Wars Characters

Steve Lear is a London-based, digital artist with a self-proclaimed, “unhealthy obsession for movies, music and Photoshop.” And he’s making the freaking awesomest Star Wars themed album cover mash-ups you’ve ever seen.

Lear told BuzzFeed that the project started naturally: “I was managing a record store, and as a way to promote the shop, I inserted the company logo into images of whatever the new release was for that week. As the ideas dried up with the company logo, I decided to create my own work — but this time mashing up movies and album covers. Star Wars puns were easy for me as far as finding inspiration and thinking of ideas.”

Stephen explained that while most works take a couple of hours, some can take days.

More info: Why The Long Play Face, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: buzzfeed, vintag.es)

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