This Artist Creates Mesmerizing Mugs With Tiny Animals ‘Living’ In Them, And Her Instagram Followers Love It

Cups and mugs are some of the best things you can ever get as a gift for someone: it doesn’t require a huge investment, whether financially or emotionally, it’s both beautiful and practical, and, most importantly, it shows that you care.

More: AP Curiosities h/t: boredpanda

The only difficulty will be choosing the right one. So, make it special—special like one of these mugs with tiny animal sculptures embedded into the side, making it not only beautiful but also adorable.

Self-taught ceramicist and artist Brooke Knippa of the AP Curiosities Art Studio crafts adorably intricate mugs that include various wildlife etched into the side, not only making people smile, but also inevitably making the drinking experience cosier.

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