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26 Artists Were Challenged To Create The Whole Alphabet, One Unique Paper Letter Each

Julianna Szabo (UK)

Over the past years, The Paper Artists Collective has gathered their talented members for sponsored collaborations.

The artists love working together using their talent, various techniques and lots of creativity! This time 26 artists created one unique paper letter each not even knowing which colors or letter they were to work with before the paper arrived by mail. The members loved the challenge and the results are amazing!

The collaboration is titled #PACAlphabet and is the sixth collaboration in line. The collab is sponsored by Senses Paper. Senses Paper creates a smooth colorful paper which most of the members have loved working with.

Enjoy these incredible paper art pieces and check out the Paper Artist Collective on Instagram to know more about these artists and their works!

More: The Paper Artists Collective, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

Sara Rayo (Colombia)

Naomi Kendall (Spain)

Georgia Monica (UK)

Vicki Zoe Meier (Denmark)

Simona Meesayati (Thailand/Italy)

Ankon Mitra (India)

Maria Cruz (UK)

Kristine Braanen (Norway)

Georgia Low (UK)

Tove Svartkjønnli (Norway)

Cintia Bertaccini (UK)

Mark Curtis Hughes (UK)

Annemarieke Kloosterhof (UK)

Angelica Gerosa (Italy)

Judith and Rolfe (U.S)

Samantha Quinn (UK)

Edina Nemeth (Hungary)

Dawn Cardona (U.S)

Catherine Prowse (UK)

Pratic Design (Italy)

Megan Smith (UK)

Charlotte Trimm (UK)

Merav Peleg (Israel)

Amy Mathers (UK)

Marina Adamova (Russia)

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