Brazil Building New Jesus Statue Taller than Christ the Redeemer

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A 140 feet tall statue of Jesus is being built in Brazil. The monument will be even taller than the famous 90-year-old Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janero.

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The group who came up with the idea, Association of the Friends of Christ, will name the statue Christ the Protector and hope it inspires faith and boosts tourism in the city of Encantado.

Once completed later this year, the monument will be one of the tallest statues of Jesus in the world.

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Genesio and Markus Moura, a father and son duo, are overseeing the work. It’s set to cost around 2 million reals, the equivalent of $354,000.

According to AFP, construction started in 2019 and is being financed by donations.

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