“The Shards of Triptych. Observable Universes”: The Collection of Creative Visualization by Sergey Maslov – Design You Trust

“The Shards of Triptych. Observable Universes”: The Collection of Creative Visualization by Sergey Maslov

Sergey Maslov shared a 3D project and NFT titled ‘The Shards of Triptych. Observable Universes’. The collection is a creative visualization of a real multiverse theory, which describes the probability of the existence of countless different universes with the same laws of gravity and physics, but with slight differences.

The project was created as part of the art film Triptych, where the theories and laws of astrophysics and quantum mechanics are revealed in artistic form.

The visual style is a conscious homage to the immortal paintings of René Magritte and Vincent van Gogh.

More: Instagram, Behance, Foundation, Rarible h/t: abduzeedo

‘Triptych’ is a non-commercial short three-act film that reflects my attempt to visualize the laws and theories of the astrophysics in an art way. Also a few thoughts about the modern art are included in the narration:

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