“Honey and the Duality of Everything”: The Design Experiments of Tabitha Swanson

Tabitha Swanson is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary designer, filter creator and creative technologist hailing from Canada. Her designs create a surrealist dreamscape with her avatar design taking influence from sci-fi video game characters.

A considerable amount of Swanson’s recent output has come in the form of 3D design and Instagram filters but this has not always been the case. As a multifaceted creative, Swanson opened her own marketing agency shortly after graduating. After moving to Berlin, she realised that she wanted to have more creative input over the material she was creating. She consequently decided to try her hand at a variety of vocations that included creative strategy, fashion, art direction, UX and UI design. Her wide-ranging repertoire has allowed her to develop a similarly diverse roster of collaborators including Mercedes Benz, Taylor Swift, Nike and most recently Adidas.

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