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Javier Mayoral’s Oddly Seductive Cartoons

It’s difficult to do more than open a website today before you’re faced with a semi-hilarious internet meme, but Javier Mayoral’s small surrealist paintings are easily the best of them all. The artist, who has received no formal training, paints in his spare time when he’s not working as a chef – a fact that makes the sheer quantity of work that he has produced astounding. Over the last three years he has made around 4,600 of these pieces, usually painting at least five a day, which he then sells on eBay.

The absurd images range from scantilly clad women bending over next to captions about Hollandaise sauce recipes to men playing Batman with cats on their heads, and often feature the German singer Heino or Conservative politician Helmut Kohl, though nobody really knows why. Still, when a portfolio is as full of work as this one is the ins and outs cease to be important; so long as Javier continues to paint his absurd, hilarious masterpieces, we will continue to enjoy them.

More info: Instagram (h/t: itsnicethat)

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