This Reddit Community Is All About Sharing Cases Of “Mild Vandalism” And Here Are The Best Examples – Design You Trust

This Reddit Community Is All About Sharing Cases Of “Mild Vandalism” And Here Are The Best Examples

If you often find yourself in the middle of a flaming desire to rage against the machine and respect for authority, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you. Duality is an integral part of human nature. There are more people like you. And they meet on the subreddit r/MildlyVandalised.

The online community calls itself a place to share pictures and videos (or whatever) of mild vandalism that is either funny or mindful (or whatever). Such a beautiful description, isn’t it? Plain and simple, not at all prolix.

From rewriting Wikipedia pages to “modifying” public signs, continue scrolling and check out what this nexus between conformity and rebellion has to offer!

More: Reddit h/t: boredpanda

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