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Classical Portraiture Meets Modern Architecture In These Digital Collage Mash-Ups


During his semester abroad in London, Brazilian student and artist Gabriel Nardelli Araujo was searching for a way to document his sojourn in a way that combined his passions for architecture, photography and travel. With that in mind, the “Canvas Project” was born— a series of digital collages that transposes figures from classical paintings into photographs of modern environments.

h/t: mymodernmet, artistsinspireartists

The resulting work is fresh and thoughtful with a healthy dose of humor. Rococo girls pose for an iPhone snap under the outdoor courtyard of a city building. A nude Renaissance woman, all curves and porcelain skin, sits on top of a limo on a city’s busy street; at once elegantly classic and ready to party. Araujo likens his series to a graffiti artist tagging older buildings; by obscuring the viewer’s frame of reference, context and intent is thrown into sharper focus. Questions of place, beauty standards, culture and technology arise for the viewer, forcing them to reflect and consider.

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