Realistic 3D Drawings By This Japanese Artist Look Like Optical Illusions

As of recently, people on the internet have laid their eyes on yet another artist. This time we’d like for you to see the works of an 18-year-old Japanese artist named Keito (慧人).

What makes his works unique is the fact that the young artist has a very steady hand that lets him create realistic (or should we say overly realistic?) drawings that might have you looking twice. His pencil drawings are giving people a hard time trying to discern the artwork from actual objects.

However, what we know for sure is that Keito’s 3D drawing technique is capable of surprising even those who thought they had seen it all.

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Keito is only 18 years old but is already known for creating amazing hyper-realistic 3D drawings of everyday objects such as cans, food items, keys, and even things like rhinestones. His works could easily be mistaken for optical illusions as they are incredibly realistic and accurate when compared to their real-life counterparts.

The Japanese artist is quite fond of using colored graphite pencils and sometimes even Copic markers. When observing closely one can easily tell that Keito uses the same technique to create his work, photographing each 2D drawing from specific angles, creating the illusion that they’re 3D.

While many of Keito’s mind-boggling illustrations appear to leap from their pages towards the viewer, others appear to recess inwards through the table and down towards an unknown abyss. Taking all of that into consideration we can confidently say that the talented artist can illustrate pretty much anything to make it look as though it’s come to life.

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