Japanese Illustrator Enchants Twitter With Magical ‘Full Moon Coffee Shop’ That Only Appears To Exhausted People – Design You Trust

Japanese Illustrator Enchants Twitter With Magical ‘Full Moon Coffee Shop’ That Only Appears To Exhausted People

In the famously overworked country of Japan, many people are on the look out for the ultimate way to chill out after a hard days work, resulting in establishments like cat cafes and sleep cafes popping up in the cities.

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With a series of illustrations, a Japanese artist called Chihiro Sakurada has caught the imagination of scores of tired Twitter users with their interpretation of the ultimate chill out spot.

The series is called ‘Full Moon (Mangetsu) Coffee Shop’. The dreamy looking scenes portray a mysterious coffee stand which, according to the illustrator, can only be visited by exhausted people.

The artist takes us through the Japanese calendar, showing the Full Moon Coffee Shop in various seasons.

Despite its diminutive size, the cafe has a pretty extensive menu, each item following the enchanting Full Moon Coffee Shop theme, taking inspiration from various celestial bodies and showcasing the artist’s boundless imagination:

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