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“Unposted Letters”: Indian Artist Draws Adorable Illustrations About Love And Life

“Unposted Letters” is a collection of illustrated stories by Indian visual artist Vimal Chandran that portrays various soulful moments of life captured in a frame with a pinch of surrealism in it.

The main characters from the illustrations are a boy, a girl, and a red umbrella wherein the red umbrella is often shown as a metaphor for Love. Each illustration is a letter from the boy to the girl accompanied by a caption/prose. Vimal started making Unposted Letters illustrations in 2010 and they are mostly inspired by pop culture. The illustration style is very minimalistic but vibrant and conceptually driven.

Vimal Chandran’s work is often a skillful concoction of urban art, illustrations, graphic design, photography, and film. The artist is currently working in Bangalore, India.

More: Vimal Chandran, Unposted Letters, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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