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Mom Illustrates Her Everyday Pregnancy Problems


Line Severinsen, an illustrator animator and mother of two in Bergen, has a funny series of simple webcomics that share some of the challenges and everyday realities of being an expectant mom. We all know motherhood can be tough, but her comic – Kos og Kaos, or “Cuddles and Chaos” in English – illustrates these struggles in a fun and approachable way. Severinsen started her comic when she was pregnant in 2012, and continued it after a brief hiatus when she was pregnant with her second child (who was born in May of this year).

You Know You’re In Your Third Trimester When You Drop Something On The Floor And Walk Away Muttering F*** It!


Can’t See Below The Belly


Third Trimester


Stop Touching My Belly!


Every Man’s Greatest Fear




Time For Slip-ons!


Expecting A Kickboxer


Third Trimester Workout!


And Other Peoples Opinions!


Have You Had Any Pregnancy Cravings?


What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman


Sympathy Pregnant


Fears About Giving Birth: Water Breaking In Public


They Say You Shouldn’t Eat For Two…


Princess On The Pea, More Pillows Please!


When You Are So Swollen That You Look Like The Michelin Man


Seven Months Without Alcohol


Admit That You Are Watching Birth Programs All Day And Sobbing


The Nurse Show The First Time Dad A Placenta


Oh Those Lovely Pregnancy Hormones


Beachbody 2015 Can Wait!


Pregnancy Cramps In The Middle Of The Night


If You’ve Had Placenta Previa, You Probably Know The Feeling Of Walking Around With A Ticking Time Bomb


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