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Everyone Will Notice You At A Party If You Have Hair Like This


MANIC PANIC, an American company that produces hair dye, introduced an unusual new product to the market which many women instantly fell in love with. This super-dye gives you neon-colored, glow-in-the-dark hair. Some of the bravest ladies out there have already tried it and uploaded the results they got.

h/t: brightside

Gregory Shelukhin


?Radiant Space Queen?

A photo posted by ? Mishele DiMaria ? Hair Art ? (@misheledimariadesigns) on

? who loves this 2016 hair trend?! #glowinthedarkhair #2016 #hairtrend #beauty

A photo posted by Autumn Faherty (@autumnbottom23) on

UV reactive color melt

A photo posted by Megan McKay (@rainbowmegz) on

Sugar Sweet ? @shelleygregoryhair | #pravanavivids #pravanapastels #dreamyhair

A photo posted by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on

@hairgod_zito, TRULY magestic!

A photo posted by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on

But did you know they GLOW? ?#pravananeons #neonyellow #neonpink #neongreen #neonhair #blacklight

A photo posted by #PRAVANA (@pravana) on

? #blacklight #fireworks ? in honor of #fourthofjuly ? ??????

A photo posted by ? Mishele DiMaria ? Hair Art ? (@misheledimariadesigns) on

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