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Digital Artist Creates Magical And Surreal Images From Architecture And Fragments Of Nature

Digital art is all around us. A lot of artists create artwork by merging photographs, creating surreal images. And that includes this French artist, Zak Eazy. Zak uses animals, architecture, and fragments of nature to create mystical fantasy illustrations that look like they’ve escaped dreamland. The artist also uses a lot of well-known monuments and places them where they shouldn’t be, creating a parallel, magical world.

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“I’ve always loved art, creation, and architecture. My father introduced me to it when I was a child. I drew surrealistic and fantastic worlds with him. It has been 10 years since I discovered Photoshop. I became a graphic designer 10 years ago and a digital artist since 2019. What I like is the freedom to create new worlds, to transmit a message through my creations, and to arouse questions when people look at my creations. People give my designs many interpretations, ranging from a fairyland to an apocalyptic world. I find it interesting to see the multitude of interpretations of my ‘mysterious’ creations. Each creation represents a part of my life, moods, events… I’m very inspired by nature, it is my main source of inspiration. I am also inspired by my many travels, what I discover with each trip, new countries, new cultures, style or way of seeing things,” Zak told Bored Panda.

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