Photographer Decided To Include People In Her Photographic Series “Cats In Venice” And Something Beautiful Happened – Design You Trust

Photographer Decided To Include People In Her Photographic Series “Cats In Venice” And Something Beautiful Happened

Ludovica And Kalypso

According to Marianna Zampieri: “My name is Marianna and I am a photographer from Italy. I am passionate about taking cat photos!

As I have been working on a photographic series “Cats in Venice” since 2017, I decided to try something new. I started adding people in my photos of cats and something beautiful happened!”

More: Marianna Zampieri, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Paolo And Linda

Pietro And Gigetta

Roberto And Bijoux

Romuald And Bricola

Kathleen And Albert

Luigi And His Cats

Leonardo And Camillo

Roberto And Bijoux

Bogdan And Mao

Maurizio And Grigetta

A Girl And Van Gogh

Margherita And Dias

Maurizio And Bianca

Toni And Ravi

Loris And His Cats

Alessandro And Frik

Magda And Masca

Sevag And Titan

Two People And Van Gogh

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