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Designer Challenges Himself To Create Logos With Hidden Meanings For A Year

Wordplay is a never-ending source of amusement for me, with puns, spoonerisms and double entendres bringing a little extra color and life to the everyday language that we sometimes take for granted.

Swedish designer Daniel Carlmatz also loves to get creative with words, but in a different way. He set himself a challenge to create a new typographic logo each day for 365 days, using a common word and adding related visual elements through symbolism, creative use of negative space, and geometry.

“The inspiration for the 365 day challenge came from trying to challenge myself to look at type and design from a different perspective,” Daniel told Bored Panda. “The challenge was just an outlet for my personal design thinking. And yes, I did manage to finish it without missing a day!”

The results are truly remarkable in their creativity and simplicity, proving that inspiration for design is all around us. For Daniel though, the process was anything but simple.

“I struggled,” he told us. “I didn’t want them to take up too much of my time so I used to do them in my head or sketch them down on my way to work, and then finalize them on my way home from work. But sometimes you just end up with nothing.”

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