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Mindblowing, Bizarre and Provocative Collages by Ffo

Ffo is a Moscow-based artist who creates surreal collage artworks from anatomical illustrations, classical art, 1950’s pop culture images and Art Nouveau prints. Ffo’s source materials include works by pin-up artists like Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren, early-20th-century German artist Wilhelm Gallhof, and pioneer of anatomy illustration N. H. Jacob.

Ffo has kept their identity secret. What little is known about this anonymous artist comes from answers given to questions asked by fans. From these we learn Ffo studied at art college for three years before turning his/her/their talents to creating collages.

More: Instagram, Society6 h/t: flashbak

“I’m focusing on making collages cuz it’s a really great way to express yourself, for me it’s also a symbol of contemporary world – a hard mix of different people, styles, cultures, eras, like there are no borders between art and reality anymore. It’s very beautiful, multi-layered, provocative and bizarre.”

Ffo describes themselves as “a stalker” who takes “inspiration [from] almost from everything” but mainly life: “People are my main inspiration, their appearance, relationships, conversations, feelings. Allmost all my works represent my own emotions and desires and means a lot for me.”

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