Russian Blogger Makes Parodies Out Of Celebrity Photos, And More Than 20,000 Followers On Instagram Approve

From time to time, while scrolling our Instagram or Facebook feeds, we come across some pictures of celebrities that just seem… too much. In most cases, we might just laugh it off, share it with our friends and move on, however, this hilarious blogger decided to take it to the next level.

Yuriy Isterika is a fascinating character who shares his wholesome parodies on Instagram. He uses everything that comes to hand in order to create ‘improved’ versions of famous celebrities. Even though his ‘artwork’ mainly consists of Russian celebrities, every once in a while, he creates parodies of celebrities which are well-known worldwide.

Everything started when Yuriy accidentally noticed a photo of two famous Russian stars. One of the stars was holding a beautiful plate and Yuriy couldn’t help himself but think that the plate looked like a sink. He also thought that one of the star’s lips looked like they were made of chips… and that was how the first parody was born.

The blogger decided to recreate bizarre celebrity photos and the internet loved it. He received a lot of likes and positive comments encouraging him to do more of these parodies, even the subjects of the parodies – Russian stars themselves – loved Yuriy’s work and even reposted them on their personal social media accounts.

More: Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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