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A Memory, A Feeling: The Superb Digital Concept Artworks Of David Benzal

Many times we watch TV series and animation films, or play video games without thinking about how they could have been done. What hides behind every smile drawn or every look that, drawn with perfectly demarcated lines, overflows humanity, making us feel completely identified.

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There are those who do think about how to be the creative hand. The hand that animates and gives breath to beings that populate the screens of cinema or television. That is when we see that the remoteness of such performance makes it difficult for us to undertake such work. But it’s not impossible, because there are many artists who work in studios such as Walt Disney Studios, 20 Century Fox, Universal or HBO.

Artists who chart a path in which the improvement of techniques and professionalization will lead their work. One of them is David Benzal. He is an illustrator whose creations we can see in different television productions, cinematographies, as well as video games and comics. His production is very interesting, since he designs and draws both the characters and the contexts in which they develop the timeline, giving them an identifying essence, which makes his work something with its own stamp.

But what were his beginnings? David Benzal studied at the Barcelona School of Art and Design. His introduction into the world of illustration would come at the end of his studies of mural painting and technical procedures, later being trained as an illustrator in studies of the city of Barcelona, perfecting at the same time techniques in the drawing of comics, as in the field of the pictorial. Thus blending both worlds, and resulting in a unique style.

His personal stamp is marked by the light projected by their characters, which gives them an aura with their own personality. Creations that tend almost to possess an anima. Not only that, the volumes and the overlap of a multitude of planes, with great mastery, makes us immerse ourselves in a sea of details to get lost in giving the whole a complex and attractive visual potential.

David is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Sony Playstation.

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