Bizarre Paintings Of Mecha Robots And Werewolves Attacking East European Peasants Of The Early 20th Century


The Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, who goes by the sobriquet “Mr. Werewolf,” has produced an amusing series of steampunk-ish canvases in which serene and idyllic rustic landscapes of what seem to be Eastern Europe (Rozalski’s very back yard, you might say) in the early decades of the 20th century feature the prominent and inexplicable existence of completely fictitious giant mecha robots.

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Various iconographies are jammed together, the imagery of peasant life in the early years of collectivization, the imagery of science fiction, the imagery of modern warfare…. add it all up and you might find yourself calling to mind, ohhh, the first few scenes of The Empire Strikes Back, set on the icy terrain of Hoth, perhaps?


Rozalski’s intent is “to commemorate this sad and tragic period in history, in my own way, to light on this parts of history that usually remain in the shadows of other events… remember and honor the history, but live in the present.” He adds, “I like to mix historical facts and situations with my own motives, ideas and visions. … I attach great importance to the details, the equipment, the costumes, because it allows you to embed painting within a specified period of time.”


The World of Scythe is a beautiful 105-page art book showcasing the work of Jakub Rozalski for the board game Scythe, one of the most successful games ever funded on Kickstarter. The book was only made available to backers during the Kickstarter campaign, and is now only available on ArtStation Shop.


Howling at the Moon, a new book published in cooperation with Artstation, will transport fans into Jakub Rozalski’s mysterious worlds where history, folklore, and modernity harmoniously clash. Inspired by traces of imagination from his childhood on the Polish countryside, his incredibly breathtaking and unique artwork will pull you into his alternate fantastic worlds filled with colossal giants, ominous machines, werewolves, lonely wanderers and rural landscapes. Artwork is complemented by sectional text in English and Polish. Fans can learn more about the artist in the interview text in English and Polish. Renowned Director and Designer Brent Ashe has crafted every aspect of Howling at the Moon’s presentation to make it an art experience satisfying collectors with a fine eye. The special edition includes a stunning bold hardcover slipcase and an envelope of 6 exclusive prints. Digital art enthusiasts will also enjoy learning more about the artist’s creation process in tutorials at the end of the book.


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