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Pugs, Star Wars, and The Troubles of Life: Graham Annable’s Nicest Pictures

“With spring in full bloom, Swamp Thing was delighted to find a Swamp Pug sprouting in the bog”

Graham Annable is an Oscar and Eisner nominated cartoonist and animator living in Merrickville, Ontario. He has created works for television, film, video game, and comic books. The Boxtrolls, Puzzle Agent, and The Peter & Ernesto series for early readers are some of his more popular projects. He is the creator of Grickle. A humorously dark world of googly-eyed beings that inhabit the Grickle Channel on Youtube and various graphic novels like the Book of Grickle.

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“Oh wow! He totally has your eyes!”


“The cats hadn’t counted on him knowing any Tae Kwon Do”

“His dog consistently did his homework and never once considered eating it”

“She was the only cat in the neighborhood that was any good at guitar, so naturally the kids would gather and listen each afternoon”

“Wizard bender”

“Sometimes he would take afternoon breaks and just think about all the stupid crap he was doing and how nobody on the Death Star probably even liked him”

“Your food order is nearly ready, sir”

“Fluffy’s hugs always confused, then diffused situations”

“To Timmy’s great surprise, it had been the Pugsquatch taking all the tennis balls from their yard”

“The shrubbery gnome was utterly displeased with Herbert’s new project”

“Self-isolating in the old mansion hadn’t really been very isolating at all”

“Tentative at first, the ducks soon became bold in claiming the abandoned playgrounds across the country”

“Sure, he was cold blooded, but he wasn’t an A-hole”

“They had eaten nothing but hot dogs the entire lockdown”

“They were the best of friends, unless Mr. Fluffs had been drinking”

“Everything was fine until the music stopped”

“Freddy’s nightmare was his cat”

“It was the historic, first-time, meeting of Roe, Sham, and Bo”

“Sure, it had devastating planet-crushing power, but the Death Star’s WiFi remained embarrassingly bad”

“It took a full 15 minutes to determine that the creature under the tree was not, in fact, part of their Pokémon Go game, but by that point most of the kids had already been eaten”

“Elaine vs. Predator”

“And yet again he caught the cat using Uber to get around the neighborhood. This crap was costing him a fortune”

“Having just completed, yet again, ordering food, cat litter, and paying utilities online for the month, it occurred to Friskers that she really had no need for Big Steve and Rusty in the house with her. At all”

“Every spring he tried and every spring he failed to get a backyard garden going”

“Between an online poker addiction and a sick playlist of beats, Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf never even noticed each other and Grandma ended up living a peaceful existence well into her nineties”

“He hadn’t paid for a single subscription since getting the Apple TV”

“Igor was shocked by how much longer the lines were getting each week”

“The conjoined brothers had been the top ventriloquist act of their time”

“The hotel was only a little haunted”

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