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Cool Photos Of Women Who Dared To Get Their Hair Cut Short And Got Awesome Results Thanks To This Hairstylist

If you are looking for a change after the interesting year that was 2021, why not use this time wisely to plan your next short haircut? Over the past decade or so, short hairstyles have stunned the world of media, and these days more and more women prove that gone are the days when women were expected to keep long, luscious hair just to avoid stereotypes.

In the last few years, women, regardless of their age, have been ditching their long hairstyles in exchange for a fresh short haircut. And gorgeous female celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman, and even Tyra Banks have only added to the trend with their short new ‘dos, as they tend to make powerful statements, showing that you don’t need long hair to feel feminine and beautiful.

Russian hairstylist Kristina Katsabina (previously featured) helps her clients feel empowered and confident as she proves that one can still look beautiful regardless of their hair length.

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