Artist Visualizes Freddie Mercury As The Protagonist Of Vintage Comic Book Covers

Artist Butcher Billy decided to create a fictional comic series called ‘Planet Mercury comics’, and you guessed right – we will be seeing a lot of the legendary band Queen’s charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury! To make it even more exciting, the artist used excerpts and titles from Queen’s songs and created each comic book cover with a different song from the greatest hits of the unforgettable rock legend.

Freddie Mercury was definitely one of the best soloists in the world. With his voice that still gives people goosebumps, legendary stage presence, unforgettable shows, wild fantasies, and the extravaganza, he will always be immortal and remembered. And certainly, he will always be a perfect inspiration for many artists all over the world.

More: Instagram, Facebook, Behance h/t: boredpanda

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