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Project David: Family Photos From the Future Past


In 2001 the Sony company started works on “Project David”. The goal was to develop and test of robot and his ability to integrate to the humane society.

The design of the robot is based on previous research and development of synthetic materials modified into organic structures in inorganic form. This allows the design of robots in the embryonic developmental stage. The robot then simulates growth on both the hardware and software sides. His artificial intelligence goes through stages of growth and learning.

The goal of the David project was to simulate a robot test. The robot was set in the early stages of development into a test family in Central Europe. The simulation using accelerated genetic algorithms took place in order and after the “adulthood” phase.

That project failed. The robot had to be isolated and then the subject was analyzed. These are fragments from “Project David”, collected by a a member of the test family, Henrich Kimerling.

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