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Artist Duo Uses Twigs And Flowers To Create Intricate Portraits Out Of Mother Nature


Brooke and Vicki‘s introduction to art was somewhat the same, just generations apart. Vicki was inspired by her mother (Brooke’s grandmother) – a designer and photographer – whose decorating of their 1960’s ranch in the California valley was effortlessly modern and way ahead of its time.

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In this cool environment Vicki was encouraged to follow her passion for drawing and painting early. While studying fine art in school, she worked as a graphic designer and part-time illustrator, and by the time Brooke came along she was exploring textiles – creating and selling hand-painted wares and handcrafted jewelry out of specialty boutiques in Chicago. The relationships she made with the city’s top designers during that time led to commissioned work as a muralist and colorist. She put her paintbrush and eye for color to work on “showcase” homes and commercial businesses for many years. While that work was fun and rewarding, she’s happy to be back in her studio with paint and flowers.


“Nothing taped, nothing glued, just Mother Nature balancing delicately on itself. The actual act of creating each original piece, for me, is therapeutic, spending lots of time outside walking and foraging, truly in the moment, my eyes scanning every square inch of my surroundings,” Vicki told Bored Panda.


“A fallen leaf goes into the bag, later it may become an eyebrow or dog ear. I pick up thin twigs, hoping they’ll work as a cheekbone or chin. The possibilities seem endless!”, she added.


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