Chinese Drug Maker’s Deluxe Office Building Comparable to Imperial Palace

“This is not Versailles; this is office building of 6 Pharmaceutical Factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group!” September 5, a group of luxury office building photos of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group spread in major Chinese forums, according to the post person, its lavish degree surpassed magnificent imperial palace,” Photo shows the main building’s decoration is Versailles style, in the corridors are wood carvings, and assembled with gold foil, each angel is vivid.” These photos are found from the medicine factory’s official website.

Li Xiaomeng, a CCTV anchor, said in his (China’s twitter): “The first reaction is, the 6 Pharmaceutical Factory of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group is a state-controlled enterprise. According to the Ministry of Finance, in 2010 the state-owned enterprises realized a total profit of nearly 2 trillion Yuan, only about 5% was paid out as ‘dividend’.

People should know where the profit has gone, do people love to see the ‘imperial palace’ ”. A netizen “sherry” said:” I can only say it is too much like an upstart and far from a pharmaceutical company. Another netizen said: ”it is so luxuriously decorated, no wonder Chinese medicine is so expensive!”

Recently Harbin Pharmaceutical Company was surrounded by negative news, in June this year, the media exposed illegal discharge of wastewater, waste gas and industrial waste by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, But the medicine factory itself proclaimed that “Moving out is the fundamental way to solve the odor problem”, because of ” lack of money” the factory could not be relocated in a short-term. While according to annual report, in 2010 the company invested about 19.6 million Yuan on environmental protection, but annual spending on advertising is 27 times of its investment on environmental protection. The saying “lack of money” was widely questioned.

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