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This Designer Rebranded HHM From ‘Better Call Saul’


Breaking Bad’s spinoff Better Call Saul is one of our favorite TV shows of all time. Although it was sad to say goodbye to the series after 6 great seasons, projects like this one from Johann Da Costa are helping keep the show alive in our memories.

More: Behance h/t: theinspirationgrid


Johann took it upon himself to rebrand Hamlin Hamlin & McGill and give them a spiffy new website.


Hamlin Hamlin & McGill is the fictitious corporate law firm once spearheaded by Jimmy’s brother Chuck, his business partner George M. Hamlin, and George’s son Howard.


Johann’s project is certainly fan art, but he treated the whole endeavour as a real project, with extensive research into all aspects of the visual language aimed at legal firms.


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