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The Superb Black & White Retro Sci-Fi Pencil Drawings by Juan Osorno


Created by Colombian artist Juan Osorno, ‘Contact’ is a series of pencil on paper illustrations inspired by old school science fiction films.

Science fiction movies have filled our imagination for decades illustrating space travels, new worlds and creatures that come into contact with the human race.

But what are aliens really like? Will we be able to recognize them even once they decide to make contact?

This series of drawings extracts existing beings in old movies when we still imagined the future as an extravagant utopia, where beings that live beyond our imagination speak our language.Today we are at the dawn of a new space age. Traveling to Mars as a tourist destination could be possible in a few years. This series invites you to dream again with the idea of exploring the universe and dreaming of creating those stories that in past decades were nothing more than adventures seen in the movies or on television.

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