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Krapp Strapp Will Help You Poo In Nature Hands-Free

There’s really nothing quite like a good crap in the woods… You’re not staring at your phone while playing a game, or reading the back of the shampoo bottle to pass the time. There’s just leaning against a tree and taking the sights, sounds, and smells of nature! Well, now you won’t have to lean against hard, rough tree to take that nature poo, as someone has invented this ingenious strap.


It’s called the Crap Strap, or Krapp Strapp as so they’ve named it. It’s essentially a giant fanny pack, except the strap is about 10 times larger than usual and allows you to strap yourself to the tree to lean back and take a care-free poo or pee without messing up your trousers or your shoes.

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The Krapp Strapp is made with a carabiners, so just wrap it around any tree you find in nature, lean back in to the extra large padded comfy back rest, pull your pants down, and do your business. The ingenious design even features pockets and storage within the back of the strap to hold toilet paper, and other small personal items you may need on your nature poo experience. It can support up to 400 lbs (180 kg) of weight, so no worries about it snapping and falling your own mess.


The Krapp Strapp can not only be used just on trees, as you can really use it on any stationary, secure object that you don’t mind making a mess nearby. In this example below, they attached the strap to a truck’s hitch.

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