Nature’s Quiet Assassin: Astonishing Pictures Capture Moment Jaguar has Caiman for Lunch – Design You Trust

Nature’s Quiet Assassin: Astonishing Pictures Capture Moment Jaguar has Caiman for Lunch

The jaguar is well-known to biologists working near the Cuiaba river in the Pantanal Wetlands of western Brazil. They’ve nicknamed him Mick. Mick stealthily creeps up on his unsuspecting prey (Picture: Justin Black/Barcroft Media).

Low profile: Mick the jaguar comes in under the caiman’s radar (Picture: Justin Black/Barcroft Media)

The predator silently swims across the river channel (Picture: Justin Black/Barcroft Media)

In for the kill: Sinking its teeth into the caiman’s skull, Mick grips its skin using his claws. He forces it broadside into the water as sand and mud flies into the air (Picture: Justin Black/Barcroft Media)

Dinner time: Job done, the jaguar returns to the bank and his well-earned meal (Picture: Justin Black/Barcroft Media)

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