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Nostalgic Photos of Kurt Cobain Wearing a “Hi, How Are You” T-Shirt


The impact of Kurt Cobain on the music scene of the early 90s is undeniable, but it’s important to recognize the influence of other artists, particularly those like Daniel Johnston who never quite achieved mainstream success.

In 1992, Cobain was spotted wearing a T-shirt featuring the cover image of Johnston’s album, Hi, How Are You. The fact that Cobain, a cultural icon at the time, chose to wear this shirt demonstrated the admiration and respect that Johnston had earned among a select group of music enthusiasts.



Johnston’s fifth album, Yip/Jump Music, also earned praise from Cobain, who listed it as one of his favorite albums in his journal in 1993. While Johnston never reached the same level of fame as some of his contemporaries, his unique style and emotional honesty have left a lasting impact on the lo-fi and indie music scenes.


One of Johnston’s most well-known works is Hi, How Are You, his sixth album. The front cover of the album gained attention thanks to Cobain’s choice of T-shirt, and the album has since become a cult classic. Johnston has stated that he was in the midst of a nervous breakdown while writing this album, which he aptly named The Unfinished Album.


As music lovers, we should celebrate artists like Daniel Johnston who, despite facing personal struggles and limited commercial success, continue to inspire and influence a dedicated following of fans. Their contributions to the art form should not be overlooked, and their impact on the music world should be recognized and celebrated.


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