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Consumerism Transformed: German Studio Foreal’s Digital Art Project


German studio Foreal has created a unique digital art project that aims to draw attention to our society’s consumption habits. By transforming everyday items and packaging into imposing robotic figures, Foreal highlights the impact of consumerism on our daily lives.

More: Foreal, Instagram, Behance h/t: theinspirationgrid


The project features iconic consumer goods such as cosmetics products, Apple devices, and cans of Coke, which have been given a new life as powerful robots. These robots are not only visually striking but also carry a message about the consequences of our consumerist culture.


The project invites viewers to reflect on their own consumption habits and consider the impact of their choices on the environment and society. By turning consumer goods into something unexpected and thought-provoking, Foreal challenges us to rethink our relationship with material possessions and find new ways to live sustainably.


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