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Meet Nicole McLaughlin, An Innovative Upcycler That Creates Sculpture-Like Garments Out Of Secondhand Treasures

Nicole McLaughlin is not your average designer. As an innovative upcycler, the young artist creates sculpture-like garments out of secondhand treasures found on resell apps like Depop or in her local thrift store.

h/t: missionmag

Her conceptual pieces and unique wearables are made out of the most unlikely materials— picture a repurposed Patagonia bag as a utilitarian bra complete with zipper storage, or a volleyball (yes, a volleyball) transformed into a comfy slipper.

She’s even made a puffer vest out of mini cereal packages and adorned a chair with brightly hued rock-climbing holds.

These thought-provoking designs have garnered attention from the fashion industry and grown McLaughlin’s fanbase over the last few years. With now over 400K+ followers on Instagram, the designer has managed to turn her creations into a full time gig.

“I started sharing these ‘experiments’ just for fun, and now creating these projects is my full-time job. I’m still so shocked at how much and how fast my following has grown, but I’m so honored and excited that I can share these pieces with the world.” Fashion brands have also taken note of her work, as seen in her collaborations with Opening Ceremony, Depop and Adidas.

“The curriculum will teach you that design is more than just drawing and making; there needs to be an understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’, and what we can do to change the future,” she says.

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