“The World In Faces”: Photographer’s Incredible Portraits Of People Who Live In Some Of The Most Remote Corners Of The Earth – Design You Trust

“The World In Faces”: Photographer’s Incredible Portraits Of People Who Live In Some Of The Most Remote Corners Of The Earth

He’s a globetrotting photographer that has spent eight years on the road, backpacked around more than 80 countries and will now head a project featuring a collection of striking portraits.

Alexander Khimushin started The World In Faces project almost two-years-ago and documents the interesting people and incredible landscapes, he has experienced through his travels. Vivid pictures of men, women and children wearing intricate beaded jewellery and practising ancient traditions are documented in the beautiful series of photos.

Ever since then he visited over 80 countries, mostly focusing on people of those countries because as he says “While travelling the world, I realized that people are the most amazing part of it. […] Three years ago I came up with an idea of the photo project ‘The World In Faces’ that would celebrate beauty and diversity of the world through the portraits of ordinary people. Especially from those remote places, where culture and traditions are still alive.”

More info: Alexander Khimushin, Facebook

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