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With a Love of Ceramics, This Artist Creates Customized Pet Portrait Charms


Emily is a small business owner who makes tiny hand-crafted ceramic necklace charms to resemble people’s beloved pets. She loves ceramics and animals, and enjoys seeing the cute pet photos and interacting with other animal lovers.

She uses earthenware clay, underglaze, glossy transparent glaze, and sometimes real 22k gold to create personalized, custom pieces that capture the colors and patterns of each pet. She thinks they make a beautiful gift for any animal lover, or a perfect way to memorialize a beloved pet. She works closely with her customers to ensure each charm accurately represents their fur babies.

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Emily chose ceramic as her medium because of its tactile nature and durability, which are ideal for crafting lasting mementos that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. She has always thoroughly enjoyed the process of ceramics, which allows her to capture all the tiny details and unique traits of each individual pet. She is proud of the meaningful impact her tiny charms can have, especially for customers who have lost their pets and want to honor their memory. She recalls one memorable order where she made a three-legged cat for a customer who had recently lost their tripod kitty. She was touched by the trust and gratitude of the customer, and reflected on how pets are so cherished and become part of the family.


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