11 Disney Warrior Princesses Turned Badass By Russian Artist Artemii Myasnikov

Ariel Riding Sebastian Into Battle

Many people see Disney princesses as the epitome of beauty and grace. But one Russian artist, named Artemii Myasnikov, decided to look at them from a different angle – he gave 11 Disney princesses extreme makeovers and turned them into badass warriors.

The artist told Bored Panda his inspiration came when he was watching “Disenchantment” with his wife one night. They started discussing what they liked and disliked about the main character and both liked that she was no damsel in distress, unlike most Disney princesses. “I immediately wanted to draw a Snow White (because to me she’s the most damsel-in-distress-y princess ever) that would be armed, dangerous, and in charge of her own fate. That’s how the sequence started,” said Artemii.

When not drawing warrior princesses, Artemii works as an art director in a games studio. He regularly uploads his art to Instagram and says his favorite themes are girls, strange creatures, and techno stuff.

“Growing up, I was into Gen 13, all of the Mike Mignola stuff, DC and Marvel comic series (As a child, I was a die-hard fan of X-men series), Mulan, The Transformers, Exosquad, The Animatrics…” says the artist.

Check out the badass princesses in the gallery below!

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda, demilked

Mulan And Mushu Looking Ready To Stir-Fry You

Pocahontas And A Rabid Meeko

Belle And An Absolute Beast

Rapunzel Ready To Cut More Than Just Hair

Jasmine Flying In On Carpet

The Last But Definitely Not The Least Goes Merida

Cinderella Ain’t Got Time For Glass Slippers!

Snow White And The Seven Angry Dwarves

And Tiana Doing… Magic?

Aurora Shadowed By Maleficent

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