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Urban Explorers Infiltrate An Abandoned Prison In Europe

Image credit: Dan Raven

Urban explorer and photographer Dan Raven has spent a great deal of time documenting scenes of urban decay and abandonment across Europe and the United States. The fact that he prefers not to reveal the names and locations of many of the haunting abandoned places he photographs only serves to make the scenes of desolation and dereliction all the more compelling, allowing us to ponder the stories behind these vast empty structures that have clearly had their day – for better or worse.

h/t: urbanghostsmedia

Image credit: Dan Raven

Among Raven’s explores is this abandoned prison, located somewhere in Europe and defined by decaying cell blocks, crumbling brickwork and neglected, overgrown grounds.

Image credit: Dan Raven

Formidable steel-barred gates and heavy cell doors stand open, lining the cavernous blocks that once held inmates on a series of different levels.

Image credit: Dan Raven

Though some of the former high security cell blocks have been heavily damaged by water through years of disuse and a lack of maintenance, others remain in far better condition, though no less grim.

Image credit: Dan Raven

How long this abandoned prison has stood empty for is unknown, but it’s overall condition indicates that it’s unlikely ever to be pressed back into use; rather abandoned to the elements like so many deserted structures, pending eventual demolition.

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