Groundbreaking iPhone 5 Concept Shots: Will New iPhone Look Like This?

Magnesium alloy concept by Nak Design – a radically different design from the iPhone 4. (Gizmodo/NAK)

iPhone 5 is yet to see the light of the day, but people have already started speculating about iPhone 6. Inspired by iPhone 5 rumors artists and designers have come up with their own concept iPhones, some radically different from previous iPhones and others with minor but recognizable variations. Some of the best iPhone 5 concepts below.

iPhone 5 Concept (Gizmodo/NAK)

iPhone 5 Concept (Gizmodo/NAK)

Magic Trackpad inspired concept by TJ Kohl with contrasting upper and lower portions. (TJ Kohl)

Concept by Item (Item)

Concept by Item. Rear shot of the above iPhone. (Item)

iPhone 5 Concept by ADR Studio (ADR Studio)

Nano-like concept by Isamu Sanada – not strictly an iPhone 5 concept but worthy of inclusion in light of the iPhone Nano rumours (Isamu Sanada)

iPad 2 inspired aluminum concept by Yanko Design (Yanko Design)

Teardrop concept by This is my next with the MacBook Air style tapered design and remarkably different looking home button (This is my next)

iPhone 5 without the home button by Jake Root (Jake Root)

Bigger screen concept by TheAndrenator (TheAndrenator)

Liquid metal concept by Render Creativity (Render Creativity)

Slightly chunky Liquid metal concept based on the iPhone 4 by Mela Rovesciata (Mela Rovesciata)

Mix of the iPad 2 with iPhone 4, concept by Dorian Darko (Dorian Darko)

Design by ADR Studio (ADR Studio)

Yet another radically different model by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio (NAK Studio)

Rear shot of the above phone, by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio (NAK Studio)

Via International Business Times.

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