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Exploring the Vibrant 1970s Graffiti Scene of Boston Through The Photos of Jacobson Marciano

Boston Street Graffiti 30220520494 O

In Boston’s bustling 1970s music scene, British bands were key. Fans of X-Ray Spex, Billy Idol, Sham 69, and the Buzzcocks spray-painted their names on Boston’s walls.

Other graffiti captured by Meredith Jacobson Marciano has a mysterious backstory. For instance, were the mysterious “Lesbian Turds” a band? The New Dolls, Ramones, and Dead Boys were on the walls, but the Turds were not. Could a raw, defiant punk sound have gone unnoticed? What about Jetts and Real Kids? Were they local bands or forgotten names?

h/t: flashback

Buzzcocks Financial Zone 1979 30763193271 O
Financial Zone 1979 30736092332 O
Girls A Single 30220518954 O
Iggy Is In 30764627871 O
Lesbian Turds Graffiti 30815996366 O
Neighborhoods 1 30551615570 O
New York Dolls 30220511674 O
Old Gas Station 30219101154 O
Ramones 30551550070 O
Real Kids Rule 30220471854 O 1
Real Rock Financial Zone Graffiti 30217070163 O
Sea Of Possibility Love 30551613240 O
Sham 69 30220474554 O
The Dead Boys Financial Zone 30815998476 O
The Real Kids Graffiti 30551623710 O
The Space 30220469964 O
The Space 1979 30220567694 O 1017x1536
Wow 30551614430 O
X Ray Spex Financial Zone 1979 30217073833 O

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