Someone Created A Funny Guide On How To Recognize Famous Painters And It’s Surprisingly Accurate

If Everyone – Including The Women – Looks Like Putin, Then It’s Van Eyck

If you’re not a big fan of classical art, you’d probably have a hard time pointing out what artist painted a certain painting. Well, your days of guessing are finally over – someone created a handy, albeit pretty hilarious, guide on how to recognize famous painters by their paintings and it’s surprisingly accurate.

The helpful guide, created by Reddit user DontTacoBoutIt, will help you recognize famous painters by pointing out the distinctive style elements in their paintings – in a hilarious way. From the Putin-like characters of Van Eyck to the chubby cupids of Boucher, check out this funny art guide in the gallery below!

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Everyone Looks Like Hobos Illuminated Only By A Dim Streetlamp, It’s Rembrandt

If It’s Something You Saw On Your Acid Trip Last Night, It’s Dali

If The Paintings Have Lots Of Little People In Them But Also Have A Ton Of Crazy Bulls#%t, It’s Bosch

If Everybody Has Some Sort Of Body Malfunction, Then It’s Picasso

Lord Of The Rings Landscapes With Weird Blue Mist And The Same Wavy-Haired Aristocratic-Nose Madonna, It’s Da Vinci

Dappled Light And Unhappy Party-Time People, Then It’s Manet

If You See A Ballerina, It’s Degas

Dappled Light But No Figures, It’s Monet

If Everyone Is Beautiful, Naked, And Stacked, It’s Michelangelo

Dappled Light And Happy Party-Time People, It’s Renoir

If The Images Have A Dark Background And Everyone Has Tortured Expressions On Their Faces, It’s Titian

Excel Sheet With Coloured Squares, It’s Mondrian

If All The Men Look Like Cow-Eyed Curly-Haired Women, It’s Caravaggio

If The Paintings Have Tons Of Little People In Them But Otherwise Seem Normal, It’s Bruegel

If Everyone In The Paintings Has Enormous Asses, Then It’s Rubens

If Every Painting Is The Face Of A Uni-Browed Woman, It’s Frida

If Everything Is Highly-Contrasted And Sharp, Sort Of Bluish, And Everyone Has Gaunt Bearded Faces, It’s El Greco

If The Painting Could Easily Have A Few Chubby Cupids Or Sheep Added (Or Already Has Them), It’s Boucher

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