Paint-Ception: This Artist Painted Himself Painting Himself In An Incredible Recursive Self Portrait Series

We have all heard of artists making self-portraits, and the task in itself is a feat. Right? Well, an artist, Seamus Wray, took this particular task of making self-portraits to another level. He “painted himself painting himself drawing himself painting himself painting himself painting himself”. Did we confuse you? Well, he had us baffled too.

To make you understand what’s going on, let us take you to the beginning. Recently, Seamus Wray shared a picture of himself in which he was seen painting himself. He captioned the image, ” A self portrait painting myself. oil on canvas (sic).”

However, Seamus did not stop at that. He created another artwork in which he was seen painting a portrait of his self-portrait. He captioned the post, “I painted a painting of me painting myself. Oil on canvas (sic).”

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And the process continued. Seamus posted another self-portrait and captioned it, “I drew a picture of me painting a picture of me painting myself painting myself. Mixed media on canvas (sic).”

Well, if the complicated caption left you scratching your head, let this image clear your doubts.

Seamus did not stop at that and continued this infinite process of creating self-portraits by creating another painting of his last self-portrait.

And then came the most recent self-portrait that Seamus painted and posted on his Instagram:

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