Husband Illustrated Every Single Day He Spent With His Beloved Wife In 365 Drawings


It’s hard not to tear up while scrolling through affectionate Curtis Wiklund‘s illustrations. The Michigan-based wedding photographer drew every day for a whole year to document his life with his beloved wife Jordin.

Wiklund was inspired by Jordin who was doing her own 365-day photography project.

“During that year, many people told us they felt like they got to know us better through the drawings, like they were a peek into our personal life,” Wiklund writes in his website.

h/t: boredpanda

I Love Her So Much

We’re Pregnant

Did A Lot Of Laughing Today

Snowboard Goggles And Onions

My Sleepy Girl

Back-Scratching As A Sedative

When My Wife Is Out Of Town, I Forget To Eat Or Sleep

You’re Still My Valentine

Dumb Fight

– What Should I Draw?
– Us


Cold Season

She Read To Me, I Played Guitar For A While, And Then I Drew A Picture

I Still Learn Something New About My Wife Every Day

Post-Shower, Pre-Hairspray

Almost My Birthday!

Our Trip Home From Ikea

My Wife Watched The Season Finale Of Castle Today

Our Tree

Night Time Routine

Some Place I’d Like To Be

Mmmm, Wearing Layers

Climbing Mr. Daddy

Born To Swim


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