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Russian Silver Age Poet Sergey Yesenin Become An Instagram Star

The famous Russian poet Sergey Yesenin (1895-1925) came back to life to become an Instagram star, now he has more followers than you. His account has only eighteen photos where Sergey walks in a park, enjoys food in cafe, read a magazine or stays in the parking zone. Each photo is accompanied with a piece of good poetry. It turned out the profile of Yesenin was created by a teacher from the Tyumen region of Russia who chose this cool way to make her students read wonderful Russian poems.

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During his brief lifetime, Sergey Yesenin gained recognition as one of the better poetic voices of the revolutionary period in Russia. Born of peasant parents, he received very little formal education, and although he later traveled quite extensively it was the pre-revolution countryside of his youth that served as inspiration for most of his poetry.

Yesenin initially supported the Bolshevik revolution, thinking that it would prove beneficial to the peasant class, but he became disenchanted when he saw that it would lead only to the industrialization of Russia. A longing for a return to the simplicity of the peasant lifestyle characterizes his work, as does his innovative use of images drawn from village lore.

He is credited with helping to establish the Imaginist movement in Russian literature, which was distantly related to the Imagist movement associated with American poet Ezra Pound. Yesenin led an erratic, unconventional life that was punctuated by bouts of drunkenness and insanity. Before hanging himself in a Leningrad hotel, Yesenin slit his wrists, and, using his own blood, wrote a farewell poem.

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