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Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA Looking Groovy in a Pink Heart Jumpsuit in the 1970s


Some vintage photos of Agnetha Fältskog wearing, according to the press, “a sexy, pink jumpsuit with a heart shaped opening on her belly. When she wore it the temperature of the male audience rose…”



Although she has made a name for herself as a solo artist in Sweden, Agnetha will always be best known as a member of ABBA, one of the most commercially successful and internationally adored pop bands of all time.


Leaving school at 15 to pursue a career in music, she soon found herself singing with Bernt Enghardt’s band and attracted a fan following. Through Enghardt, she secured a record deal and soon topped the charts in Sweden with her first release.


She became engaged and later got married to Björn Ulvaeus and became a member of ABBA. For the next eight years, ABBA would be one of the most successful pop acts in the world, earning numerous gold and platinum awards all across the globe.


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